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    We love this

    We are specialize in trading cryptocurrency

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    A Tech Hotspot

    We are headquartered in the heart of Crypto Valley in Estonia

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    Your freedom

    Have the freedom to do what you want while we work for you

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    We have goals

    We will provide high efficiency in multiplying your money

About Us

OrdSky Investing is a young estonian company such as the world of cryptos, whose main focus is to manage investments through efficient cryptocurrency trading, based on our own strategy.

Our Mission

Acting in the crypto investment market, providing to our clients high efficiency to multiply their patrimony.

Our Vision

Be a reference company in integrity, transparency and efficiency in the management of investments in crypto assets.

Our Values

Ethic, Integrity, Responsability, Transparency and Generate value.

Build Your Portfolio

Create your portfolio according to your preferences.

Amount (US$)

Minimum US$ 500.00

Grace Period

More time, more profit.

.00 || Amount Selected

Days || Selected

Market Information

High capacity for structuring and processing market information for decision making.


We have had a high trading experience with cryptocurrencies since its explosion in 2017.

Automatized Operations

We operate more consistently due to information automation.

Business Generators

We are a group of professionals with experience in promoting innovative business.

Test Environments

Realistic market simulators refine strategies and develop new ways to trade.

Decentralized Organization

We operate in a market with tamper-resistant data storage and asset security mechanisms.

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