Our Company

    Founded 10 years ago, the decentralized Blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency market has set a new milestone in global financial operations. From 2017, new currencies have exploded, making the operations and trading market for these assets increasingly attractive, often essential. It was in this moment the creation of new cryptos that began our experience in these types of operations, and based on our own trading strategies, we developed a unique asset monetization system.
    In 2020, therefore, OrdSky Investing was born, whose main focus is to manage investments through efficient cryptocurrency trading. With a totally transparent, legal and safe management, OrdSky is based on its own consistent initiatives of profitability of crypto, and with this, we aim to establish a new order in investments. We are headquartered in Estonia, a leading country in the blockchain segment (Crypto Valley), but our work exceeds geographic barriers operating anywhere in the world.

How We Work

    Initially, Ordsky investing receives payment of the investors contracted plan via the coinbase platform. This contracted amount is divided into trading accounts in some of the world´s leading  exchanges in terms of security and trading volume, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, BitStamp and Coinbase. These values are operated by trading desks, involving several pairs of cryptocurrencies, depending on our technical analysis and greater profitability possibilities.
    We have our own trading strategy, which allows us to work a good profitability with extremely calculated and modest risks, this making the investment very safe for the customer.